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Our Services Always Go The Extra Mile

Create value

Our Professional design team create valued and unique collection monthly.

Research & Development

Our buyer are always looking for trends materials to match the latest market.

Quality Control

We do double check of the quality before goods delivery.


Our Raw materials are eco-friendly and meet the requirement of Europe , USA and Japan.

Custom OEM Solution

We Provide a Uniquely Complete Design & Manufacture Service for our buyers.

Quick Response

Contact us 24x7 for any problems. We will get back to you within 6 hours.

What Our Buyers Say

"We developed a good partnership with Cornovo. We appreciate their attention to the details ."​
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Brittany Foxx
I started stage zero .With Cornovo, I was able to start my E-commerce business quickly. Experienced seller!
Edward Woo
"I meet them twice per year at Fair, Cornovo always show the latest fashion articles following the market ."​
Samantha Gilbert

Free Response Questions

Our saddle pads are made from high-quality materials like foam, wool, and fabric to ensure comfort and durability. They are designed to last through heavy use.

Yes, we offer customization options, including adding your logo, choosing specific designs, or matching your brand’s color scheme.

Pricing depends on the quantity and customization, but we do offer discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for a detailed quote.

We offer various shipping options both domestically and internationally, with competitive rates and timely delivery.

 Yes, we strive to use environmentally friendly methods in both production and packaging, aligning with sustainability practices.

 Besides saddle pads, we also offer a wide range of other saddlery products, such as bridles, girths, and stirrups.

We stand behind our products and offer a warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Our return policy provides options if you’re not satisfied.

Our saddle pads meet all local and international legal and safety standards, ensuring they comply with industry regulations.

We provide exceptional customer support and after-sale services. Our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Logistics Services

Cornovo Has huge logistics channels. We use different channels to deliver goods based on quantity 

Air Plane

Air Plane is used for small quantity to deliver goods quickly .

Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping is used for bulk quantity .To USA , need 18-20 days . To European countries , it need 42 days .


DHL is used for small quantity , such as samples , small orders door to door. It always take 3-5 days to deliver.

China Railway Express

Bulk quantity or wholesale products delivered by Railway Shipping .

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